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Does Slack have read receipts?

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Slack is a messaging app for businesses that helps them share information with their teams. It is one of the companies most used messaging apps to connect their teams. It can be used on multiple devices and has many great features, it not just allows one to message individuals in one on one chat, but it lets you chat in groups with your teams.

A read receipt is a feature that allows the sender of the message to see whether the receiver has read the message or not, like on Whatsapp, it gives blue ticks when someone reads the messages, most messaging apps have the read receipt feature, but some still does not have this feature.

In this article, we have discussed does slack has read receipts and how to change marks as read preferences.

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Does Slack have read receipts feature?

No, Slack does not have read receipts feature.

This might be bad news for those who like to know whether the receiver has read their messages, but at the same time, it is good for those who don’t want the sender to know that they have read their messages.

Why does Slack not have the read receipts?

Slack has never said directly why they are not adding the read receipts feature to the app, but its tweets make it clear that Slack is not interested in adding the read receipts feature to the app.

Slack replied to one of its users on the read receipts on March 14, 2018, “No immediate plans for read receipts, but we’ll pass this request along to the team!”

Not much changed four years later as Slack replied to another user on August 6, 2022, “We don’t have any updates (for read receipts) at the time, but we’ll noodle on it!”

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How to manage your mark-as-read preferences on Slack?

Slack doesn’t have the read receipt feature, but there are features on Slack that will help you organise how your read messages should be shown to you. You can manage how Slack marks your messages after you read them. This feature is only available on a desktop. To change your preferences, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on the Profile icon and then click on the Preferences option from the drop-down menu.

Does Slack have read receipts?

Step 2: In Preferences, click on Mark as read and then from When I view a channel, select how you prefer to see the messages.

Does Slack have read receipts?

This feature of Slack will organise what happens with messages of the channel when you read them.

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