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How long can a story be on Instagram?

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Instagram makes it easier to share your moments with your friends on Instagram, and its unique features make it more interesting to create stories, reels and posts and share them with friends.

Instagram stories are unique and amazing features that allow users to share a short video or image that will disappear from their profile after 24 hours unless the user adds them to their profile highlights.

In this article, we have discussed how long a story can be on Instagram and how long Instagram reels, posts, and live can be.

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How long can Instagram stories be?

Instagram has rolled out a new feature allowing users to upload longer stories. Now the users can upload a story of up to 60 seconds, and it won’t break into segments; earlier, the max length of the story was 15 seconds.

Instagram used to cut stories longer than 15 seconds into segments of 15 seconds, but now you can upload videos as stories of up to 60 seconds, if you upload a story of more than 60 seconds, Instagram will still automatically break it into segments but in segments of 60 seconds.

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How long can Instagram Reels be?

The new length for the Instagram reels is 90 seconds. When Instagram launched the reels feature, the original length was 15 to 60 seconds, and now it is 90 seconds.

The new feature of Instagram that allows users to upload longer stories blurred the line between Instagram stories and reels, as you have two options to upload a 60-second video. You can either upload them as stories which will disappear from your profile automatically after 24 hours, or you can upload them as reels.

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How long can Instagram video posts be?

Instagram allows its user to upload a video post of length up to 10 minutes; however, Instagram allows some of its verified users to upload videos of up to 60 minutes.

If you want to upload a video longer than 10 minutes, you can upload them in segments or use the in-app editor to trim the video and then upload them on Instagram.

How long can Instagram live be?

Users can go live on Instagram for 60 minutes, and the live broadcast will end after 60 minutes automatically, but you can go live again just after you hit the 60-minute limit on your previous live broadcast and keep making live broadcasts.

You can connect with your followers in real-time and enjoy making a live broadcast of the concert or any event you are in and share it with your friends and let them enjoy the feel of being there even if they are not there.

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