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Does Subway take Apple Pay?

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If you are hungry for a sandwich, then Subway might be your go-to option. If you want to quickly pay for your food without any extra worrying thoughts crowding your head while standing in a long queue, then you can opt for a fast payment method. Apple Pay can be a good solution for an easy scan and pay situation which arises at many restaurants, cafes, shops, and many more places.

In this article, we will be discussing whether Subway takes Apple Pay as well as other acceptable payment methods.

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Apple or Subway?

Many retail stores and restaurant chains are not as open to digital payment methods like Apple Pay or GPay. However, you might find an NFC or Near Field Communication scanner at the checkout counter in some retail stores which is how Apple Pay functions, only to find that the store has its own e-payment method. An example is Walmart.

So when it comes to the popular sandwich hub, the answer is yes, it does take Apple Pay.

Apple Pay has three accessible pathways for you to walk on:

  • Website
  • In-store
  • App
  • Drive-Thru

Subway website

When you are visiting the Subway website online, you can only use Apple devices to order your food and that device should have Apple Pay installed. If you order while using a Mac, then you will need to have the Apple Pay app installed to use this option.

Subway in-store

Yes, Subway accepts payment via a digital payment option of Apply Pay as they have NFC readers that you can tap on using your iPhone or Apple Watch. Make sure that your Apple Watch has Apple Pay pre-installed with a card linked prior to the payment.

Subway app

If you have the Subway app installed on your iPhone, then you can pick any sandwich, toppings, and fillings of your choice. After this when you are shown the payment page, then the option to pay with Apple Pay will be present.

Subway drive-thru

At the drive-thru as well, let the Subway staff know about your Apple Pay payment choice. You can scan or tap on their contactless NFC reader using either your iPhone or Apple Watch to pay for your tasty sandwiches.

Other acceptable payment methods

Subway also accepts the following payment methods:

  • Credit cards (Discover, American Express, Visa, and MasterCard)
  • Cash
  • Subway Gift Cards and gift vouchers

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