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Why are you receiving Dynata spam calls? How did they get your number?

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Dynata is a global research company that collects consumer data through surveys and sells it to brands and businesses. Dynata calls you to invite you to participate in its research, but you may wonder why you are receiving these calls and how they got your number.

According to Dynata’s official website, they use various sources to obtain phone numbers, such as public directories, purchased lists, or referrals from other survey participants. They also claim that they follow the national do-not-call lists and respect the opt-out requests from the respondents.

However, many have complained that Dynata calls them repeatedly, even after opting out or being on the do-not-call lists. Some people also suspect that Dynata is a scam or phishing attempt, as they ask personal questions or promise never-delivered rewards.

Dynata’s Trustpilot score is poor. With a score of 1.3 based on 118 reviews, the customers are not pleased with the service. Customers have complained about no free payments, continuous spam calls by the company, the long time to complete the survey (more than ten minutes), and bad customer service.

On the other hand, when you head to Scamadvisor, you will see that Dynata has a trust score of 100/100, which is quite impressive. However, the customer reviews are poor here too. On the Scamadvisor website, Dynata scored 1.3/5 based on about 116 reviews.

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Why am I receiving calls from Dynata?

Here are a few reasons why you are receiving calls from Dynata:

Market research

Dynata stands as a prominent player within the market research domain, dedicated to acquiring invaluable consumer insights on behalf of a diverse array of businesses and organizations.

At its core, market research entails collecting data directly from individuals, facilitating an enhanced comprehension of consumer inclinations, prevailing trends, and intricate behavioural patterns. Through their active orchestration of surveys and curation of opinions, enterprises akin to Dynata significantly propel the mechanisms of this intricate process forward.

Participating in surveys

One of the primary reasons you receive calls from Dynata is that you have participated in a survey or study online or over the phone. When you voluntarily provide your opinions and insights on certain topics, you contribute to the data that companies use to make informed decisions. As a participant, you become part of the market research ecosystem, and your input holds value.

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Concerns regarding the Dynata calls

Here are some concerns regarding the Dynata spam calls:

Privacy and data security

Despite Dynata’s legitimate role in market research, concerns about privacy and data security have been raised by individuals who receive calls from the company. For instance, one customer has complained that the company asked for ‘massive amounts of demographic, family, and personal information’.

Usually, market research companies follow strict ethical guidelines and data protection measures to ensure that your information remains confidential and secure and is used only for research purposes.

Scam calls

Given the prevalence of phone scams and fraudulent calls, individuals have become increasingly cautious when answering unfamiliar numbers.

Many have mistaken Dynata’s calls as a potential scam due to a lack of awareness of the company’s operations, which can be considered an honest mistake. However, several scammers can also use Dynata’s name to further their nefarious agendas.

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How to manage Dynata calls?

You can follow these instructions to manage calls from Dynata:

Opting for a “Do not call” list

If you’re wondering how to stop Dynata calls, it’s worth noting that some individuals may prefer not to receive further calls, even if they initially participated in a survey. In such cases, it’s important to understand your options. Dynata, like many reputable market research companies, maintains an internal “Do Not Call” list.

If you wish to discontinue receiving calls, you can request to be added to this list. This will indicate your preference to no longer participate in their research studies via phone.

Being informed

Education is key when it comes to understanding Dynata’s calls. By familiarising yourself with the company’s role in market research, you can better appreciate the significance of your participation and contribution to shaping various industries.

Receiving calls from Dynata might initially raise questions and concerns, but by grasping the company’s role in market research and understanding your options, you can navigate these interactions more confidently.

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