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How to edit a Wikipedia page? Via the website and app

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Why Wikipedia has been banned in China in all languages?

Wikipedia has over 6 million articles (or pages) edited nearly a billion times by users. While Wikipedia can be used without creating an account, you’ll need to have one to be able to edit a Wikipedia page without revealing your IP address.

If you edit a page on Wikipedia without logging in, your IP address will be publicly visible, which is otherwise replaced by the username and if you want your edits to be anonymous, sharing a username that could be make-belief is more practical — and recommended — than sharing your IP address, which potentially breaches your privacy.

To create a Wikipedia account, follow this link. In the boxes provided, enter your username and password, solve the captcha, and you’re good to go. Wikipedia is one of the few websites that doesn’t require your email address to create an account. However, providing an email address can be beneficial as that’s the only way to recover your Wikipedia account if ever you forget the password or your account gets hacked.

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How to edit a page on Wikipedia website?

Once you’ve created your account, login if you weren’t automatically logged in, and then go to the Wikipedia page that you want to edit and follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Click on the Edit source option at the top of the page, towards the right. You can alternatively also use the keyboard shortcut Alt+Shift+E to begin editing the Wikipedia page.How to edit a Wikipedia page? Via the website and app Step 2: On the editing page, if you’re logged in, Wikipedia will ask you whether you wish to continue with the Html or markup editor (Start editing) or Switch to the visual editor. It’s recommended to use the visual editor for ease, especially if you’re not a computer geek.How to edit a Wikipedia page? Via the website and app Step 3: Now, you can start editing the Wikipedia page. Once you’re done, click on the Publish changes… button, located at the top-right in the visual editor and bottom left of the Html editor.How to edit a Wikipedia page? Via the website and app You can also describe your edits in the Edit summary box.

How to edit a page on Wikipedia app?

Login to the Wikipedia app, go to the page you wish to edit and then follow the steps mentioned below.

How to edit a Wikipedia page? Via the website and app

  • Tap on the Pencil icon (edit button), beside the section of the Wikipedia page you want to edit. Each section of the Wikipedia page will have a separate edit button as the entire page can’t be edited at once in the Wikipedia smartphone app.
  • Once you’re done editing the section of the Wikipedia page, tap on the Next button at the top-right corner.
  • On the next page, you can tap on the box that describes your edits the best and then tap on the Publish button at the top-right.

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