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Fix: Error while loading FSS0 atmoshpehere/fusee-secondary.bin wrong ini cfg

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Modding gaming consoles rarely go without hiccups, especially if you’re running emulators for older consoles on newer hardware that may or may not support the software you’re trying to run. 

In this article, we’re talking about the “Error while loading FSS0 atmoshpehere/fusee-secondary.bin wrong ini cfg” problem, which can come up when running GameBoy emulators on modern handheld consoles like the Nintendo Switch and giving you x fixes to solve the problem.

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Check your SD card

First up, check your SD card to ensure it’s formatted in the correct file format. While different emulators support different formats, you’re generally safe to go with FAT32 or NFTS. 

Update Atmosphere and Hekate

Next, make sure that Atmosphere and Hekate are updated with the latest stable builds. Also, ensure that all required files for the programs to function after the update are on your Switch’s storage drive (or memory card), as the update often tends to remove the configuration files required for the emulator to function. 

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Replace your configuration files

Since the error indicates a problem with configuration files, try replacing the ones you currently have with the ones you got with your fss0 build to see if that gets things going. 

Check the EMUMMC partition

Sometimes, during partition creation, the EMUMMC partition is the only one that remains with data, meaning all other files and folders, including Atmosphere, are deleted. Check your SD card’s root folder and if you only have the bootloader and EMUMMC, try installing Atmosphere again to see if that helps. 

Replace fusee files

In addition to replacing your configuration files, you can alsy try replacing the currently in use fusee-primary.bin file with fusee.bin and fusee-secondary.bin file with package. This should get the emulator configuration in order and resolve the error. 

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Yadullah Abidi

Yadullah Abidi

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