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What happened to ETTV? Top 7 alternatives

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ExtraTorrent’s TV (ETTV) was popular with people who liked downloading top-notch TV shows and movies through torrents. Many people trusted it because of its extensive library and reliable uploads. Unfortunately, like many other torrent websites, ETTV faced its share of challenges and ultimately went offline.

In this article, we have discussed what happened to ETTV and listed the top seven ETTV alternatives.

What happened to ETTV?

ETTV used to be a popular place for TV show torrents. Their website was one of the most frequently visited torrent sites where people could download movies, web series, web shows, and TV shows using the BitTorrent method.

It officially shut down its operations due to the lack of funds. To stay active, ETTV had moved to a new website address. Unfortunately, they couldn’t overcome financial difficulties and had to shut down.

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Top seven alternatives of ETTV

Here is the list of the top seven alternatives of ETTV.

The Pirate Bay

Top 7 torrent websites with active website and proxy

If you’ve ever used torrents, you probably know about The Pirate Bay. It’s one of the oldest torrent websites and a great choice if you’re looking for an alternative to ETTV.

You can find many movies and TV shows here because The Pirate Bay has a huge database of torrents. When you search for something, you’ll see many results. They mark some torrents as VIPs and trusted. The Pirate Bay does this to show which torrents are safe and virus-free. Also, if you see a red symbol next to a torrent, it means it was uploaded by someone trusted

You can access The Pirate Bay here


The original Kickass Torrents website was closed down, but it created a new torrent site. This new site, similar to ETTV, was started by the original Kickass Torrents staff. Kat.Cr boasts a fresh user interface and improved management of their torrent database.

You can only use magnet links if you want to download torrents on Kat. The download button doesn’t function as it should and takes you to various ads. Some KickAss proxy sites display many ads that keep popping up, while others work as intended. Many countries have banned several Kat mirror sites, so it can be challenging to access them. It’s a good idea to keep trying and consider using a VPN as a last resort to access these sites.

You can access KickassTorrents here


Top 7 torrent websites with active website and proxy

1337x is a torrent website and a good alternative to ETTV. They have a wide variety of high-quality torrents in more than 10 categories and offer over 2.5 million torrents.

When you search for something, you’ll see a list of results. You can also filter the results by clicking on a specific category. Most torrents on 1337x have four different download links from different places. You can use the magnet link to download the torrent directly without needing the .torrent file.

You can access 1337x here


Top 7 torrent websites with active website and proxy

People who download movie torrents often know about Yify. They became famous worldwide because they provide excellent video quality much smaller than the original.

So, if you want to download movies, YTS is a great alternative to ETTV. They offer high-quality movies ranging from 720p to 4K for most torrents. Plus, many of these movies come with subtitles from their sister website. One thing to note is that they don’t offer magnet links, so you’ll need to download the .torrent file first. If you don’t have any movies in mind, you can check out the trending section to discover new films.

You can access YTS here


EZTV is a website that offers TV show torrents. It faced shutdowns like TPB and Katcr but was later revived by new owners. Here, you can find information like TV show guides and airing times.

However, due to numerous legal issues, EZTV has had to limit the release of torrents for currently airing TV shows. You won’t find these torrents here. Instead, you can access completed shows through the TV Packs section or the search feature. You’ll see magnet and download links in the search results when you search for a show, so you don’t have to click on the listing.

You can access the EZTV here


LimeTorrents is a lesser-known option if you want an alternative to ETTV. They have an extensive library with over 10 million torrent trackers, so you will likely find what you’re searching for.

What’s great is that the site’s staff checks all the torrents, so you can download them without worrying. They’ve also reduced the number of ads on their site, making it a much better experience. You can search for torrents without annoying ads popping up all the time. Once you find the right torrent, you can update its tracker information to get the latest details about its speed and availability.

You can access LimeTorrents here


Torlock is another well-liked torrent site, much like ETTV, but primarily focuses on movies. They have a good number of trusted uploaders who consistently provide reliable torrents.

You should use the torrent button to download a specific torrent, as no magnet link option is available. One neat feature is that all movie and TV show torrents come with preview snapshots, so you can gauge the video quality before downloading. Torlock also offers a unique Image category where you can download high-quality images, wallpapers, theme packs, and more.

However, one downside is the annoying pop-up ads that appear whenever you click anywhere on the screen, and they open in new tabs.

You can access Torlock here

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