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Top 7 free anime streaming sites

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Animes are the Japanese animation style which is hand-drawn or computer-generated, hand-drawn animes no doubt are better than computer-generated animes. Animes are available in all genres like romance, sci-fi, action, adventure, mecha, supernatural and many more themes.

There are many animes that even people who don’t watch animes know about, like Dragon Ball, One Piece, One punch man, Jujutsu Kaisen and many more. One of the recently released anime chainsaw man has become really famous with an IMDB rating of 8.7/10.

If you are an anime fan and you don’t want to pay for premium services to watch anime, we have listed seven free anime streaming sites.

Below we have mentioned the seven free anime sites for anime fans that want to watch all the latest and old anime but don’t want to pay for the premium sites. is a site that allows its users to watch anime for free, it shows a list of the top 10 animes in the spotlight at the top and just below the top 10 trending anime for its users. It has little ad interference and has a watch2gether feature which allows its users to watch their favourite anime with other users that are online. It also allows its users to download episodes.

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Gogoanime is another free site for anime streaming, with very less ads to disturb you while you are watching any anime, it also has the download episode feature which allows you to download the episode in different resolutions.

Click here to access Gogoanime


9anime is a good site to watch anime for free and has a great interface, it recommends trending animes at the top and while you watch anime you can see the list of the episodes on the side, the only drawback is that it has more ad interference than gogoanime and

Click here to access 9anime


4anime is similar to 9anime, it has also a good interface, and on its homepage it allows its users to see the list of anime that are recently updated, recently added and upcoming animes. It has a little extra ad interference while watching an anime.

Click here to access 4anime

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It has a clean and simple layout, and you can watch all latest and updated animes and old animes as well. It gives random recommendations if you want to watch any random anime. Animedao has tolerable ad interference while navigating through the site and while watching anime.

Click here to access Animedao


Chia-anime not just allows its users to watch anime for free but also allows its users to read clean manga for free. Chia-anime allows its users to watch the latest and old anime as well in high quality, it has tolerable ad interference, but it is a really good site if you like to read the manga too.

Click here to access Chia-Anime


Kissanime is also one of the most famous and most used free anime streaming sites, it has a fair amount of ads while navigating through sites and watching anime. It allows its users to buy a no-ad plan for $5 per month.

Click here to access Kissanime

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