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How to use Eunseo bot? Bot commands explained

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Discord is one of the most popular VoIP programs available at the moment. While it started as a communications platform for gamers, it has since evolved into a much wider community meant for everyone and everything. 

One of Discord’s best features is its ability to support custom bots. Thanks to this, the community has made a bunch of custom bots for specific utilitarian or amusement purposes. In this article, we’re talking about the Eunseo bot, what it does and any commands that might need explaining. 

What is the Eunseo bot?

While Discord has a lot of bots that take control of different parameters on a server or control things like music or roles. However, some bots allow you to play mini-games right in your Discord server as well. 

How to use Eunseo bot? Bot commands explained
The Eunseo bot is a rather interesting card game. | Source:

The Eunseo bot is a card game that works with K-pop groups and solo singers, and it brings new events and challenges which often depend on group outcomes hence increasing your chances of getting unique event cards. 

It revolves around four basic actions:

  • Collecting gems
  • Get Gache Cards
  • Complete groups
  • Trade and buy cards

Different commands allow you to do the actions mentioned above, and that’s how you can play the game.

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Eunseo bot commands explained

The bot uses the following commands:

Daily commands

/work or /wClaim 100 gems every 20 minutes
/dailyUsed to claim 500 gems for basic and 1000 gems for premier and unlimited members every 20 minutes.
/voteUsed to claim 500 gems after watching an ad every 12 hours.
/balanceUsed to check total gems and peanuts.
/cdsShows the time left before the /work, /daily and /vote commands can be reused.
/questShows daily, weekly and monthly quests for gems or peanuts.

Gacha commands

/gachaUsed to pull one to ten cards costing 100 gems each.
/invShows yours or anyone else’s card inventory. The command can be used with nine filters:
/fav cardsFavourite specific cards using their card ID.
/fav lastFavourite the last card pulled, up to 10 pulls.
/unfavRemove specific cards using their card ID.
/burn cardsBurn specific cards using their card ID.
/burn lastBurn the last card you pulled, up to 10 pulls.
/burn allBurn all non-favourite cards in the inventory for 10 gems per card.

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Trading commands

/aucCheck specific auctions.
Can be used with six filters:
/sell cardSell specific cards using the card ID.
/sell lastPut the last card pulled on the auction market.
/bidBid on an available card.
/tradeInitiate a trade with another player.
/addUsed to add cards to a trade.
/acceptUsed to complete a trade.
/cancelCancel an active trade.
/buyUsed to purchase inventory expansions for up to 500 card slots per 5000 gems.
/craftUsed to craft any common card using peanuts.
/redeemUsed to redeem a premier or unlimited membership using your email.

Utility commands

/helpOpens the quick help guide.
/rulesView the rules for the bot.
/profileShows your profile, current card, memberships, favourites, currently owned seasonal and event cards, bio and favourite featured cards.
/profile user: Discord IDCheck the specified Discord ID’s Eunseo profile.
/profile new_bio:Add a new bio to your profile.
/profile featured_card: Card IDAdd the specific card to your featured card slot.
/eventShows the current and upcoming events.
/lotteryShows upcoming lottery events.
/opengiftOpen gifts obtained from completing groups, eras or idols.

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