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Fairphone 4 will receive Android 12 update starting February 1

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Fairphone 4, launched in 2021, will finally receive the Android 12 (released in October 2021) update starting February 1. The update was expected in December, but it was pushed further for a month due to technical issues in some regions.

Fairphone announced that the Android 12 rollout will begin in most regions and will be a staggered release — meaning it’ll be tested out with a chunk of the devices before being rolled out to everyone. The only exceptions are Switzerland and France, where Fairphone 4 users will have to wait longer as the performance of the update was not up to the mark. It is still unclear when the issue will be resolved; the company has indicated that it will be resolved in the coming months.

Apart from the Android 12 update, Fairphone has also prepared a maintenance release with a new security patch for Android 11 users. There is still uncertainty among the people as to what they can expect from this latest update.

Earlier this month, Fairphone decided to stop updates for their successful Fairphone 2 model in March 2023.

Fairphone 4 gets Android 12 fairly late as Google released Android 13 in August 2022

Fairphone 4 is the latest offering of the company, which comes with Android 11, 5G and dual cameras out of the box and is available in two models – 128GB storage, 6GB RAM (available in grey) and 256GB storage, 8GB RAM (available in grey and green).

Fairphone is a small Dutch phone manufacturer with a vision of designing and manufacturing phones with minimal environmental impact and less carbon footprint. The company operates on much fewer resources, makes easily repairable phones and promises longer updates, much longer than that of the big shots of the phone market like Google, Samsung or BBK.

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