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Top 11 apps to fake your GPS location and how they work

GPS is an essential part of our daily routine. People use GPS to find their way, get customised search results, weather updates, and many more things. Pokemon GO, which suddenly became super popular among people, also used GPS to track the location of users and provide locations of different Pokemon types. It can also be used to track people around the globe in real-time.

Though GPS is beneficial, sometimes it becomes a requirement to spoof your GPS location. There are multiple apps on the Play Store through which you can fake your GPS location. Mostly, every app that is installed on your smartphone will be tricked when you fake your GPS location.

How does a fake GPS location app work?

GPS works with the help of satellites that locate your latitude and longitude, along with three other attributes: Altitude, Speed and Accuracy. When you use an app to fake your GPS location, the app sets the latitude and longitude to a fixed location that you set it to and sets the other three attributes to a constant value that is 0 or 1. Even if the device is moving, the speed, altitude, and accuracy never change. To let a fake GPS app work in Android,

  • Switch on Enable Mock Location option in the developer option of your smartphone. 
  • Tap on the Mock Location App option and select the fake location app installed on your smartphone.
  • Open the fake location app and set the latitude and longitude as per your wish.

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Top 11 apps to fake GPS

How does GPS work? 4 factors that affect its functioningHere’s a list of top 11 fake GPS location apps that can help you fake your location.

  • Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer [Rating: 3.7 | Number of Downloads: 10M+ | Size: 5.2 MB]
  • Floater [Rating: 3.7 | Number of Downloads: 500K+ | Size: 1.5 MB]
  • Mock Locations [Rating: 4.1 | Number of Downloads: 1M+ | Size: 5.9 MB]
  • Fake GPS location [Rating: 4.6  | Number of Downloads: 10M+ | Size: 1.3 MB]
  • Mockation [Rating: 4.1 | Number of Downloads: 10K+ | Size: 1.9 MB]
  • Fly GPS [Rating: 3.6 | Number of Downloads: 10M+ | Size: 3.3 MB]
  • Hola [Rating: 4.0 | Number of Downloads: 5M+ | Size: 5.1 MB]
  • FGL Pro [Rating: 3.8 | Number of Downloads: 1M+ | Size: 3.9 MB]
  • VPNa [Rating: 3.9 | Number of Downloads: 500K+ | Size: 3.3 MB]
  • Fake GPS Location Changer [Rating: 4.0 | Number of Downloads: 100K+ | Size: 8.6 MB]
  • Fake GPS 360 [Rating: 3.8 | Number of Downloads: 500K+ | Size: 5.1 MB]

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