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How to run Google Maps on Samsung Galaxy Watch or Gear Sport?

Samsung’s Gear lineup of watches has produced some of the best smartwatches we have ever seen. However, these watches come with a big catch.

You see, Samsung’s smartwatches run on a proprietary OS called TizenOS developed by Samsung itself. And as expected Google’s native services don’t work so well with it. In fact, they don’t work at all. This becomes a bit of a problem if you’re on Android.

For me, the most prominent problem was with navigation. I use Google maps on a daily basis and not having Google Maps support my Gear Sport is disappointing. The only way you’d be able to have any sort of navigational functionality on the watch is by switching to Here. I’ve used it in the past when I was on Windows Phone. They’re good, but not quite as good as Google Maps. Luckily, there’s a workaround to get Google Maps working, or somewhat working, on smartwatches running TizenOS.

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How to get Google Maps working on TizenOS?

Step 1: Install the Navigation Pro app on your phone from the PlayStore.

How to use Google Maps on Samsung Galaxy Watch and Gear SportStep 2: Install the Navigation Pro app on your Galaxy Watch.

How to use Google Maps on Samsung Galaxy Watch and Gear Sport?

Step 3: Open the Navigation Pro app on your phone an give it notifications access.

Step 4: Start Navigating. The watch will even speak out directions if it has a speaker. Otherwise, you’ll just be seeing visual aids.

The way this works is that the Navigation Pro app reads the Google Maps notifications from your phone and relays them to the watch using the companion app.

Now, this isn’t the best method to get Google maps working on your Galaxy Watch, but until Samsung officially extends support for Google apps, this is by far the best way.

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