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Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro rolling out to iPad soon

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Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro will be available on the iPad starting on May 23. While Final Cut Pro will be compatible with iPad devices with M1 chips or newer, Logic Pro can be run on devices with A12 Bionic chip or later.

These apps will cost $4.99 per month or $ $49 per year. Logic Pro usually costs $199.99 and Final Cut Pro typically retails for $299.99 on a Mac.

The iPad versions of the video and music editing apps will include improvements tailored to the device. Specifically, Final Cut Pro will feature a new jog wheel that is designed to streamline the editing process. This innovative feature will enable users to manipulate the magnetic timeline, relocate clips, and make edits using only their finger and multi-touch gestures, making the editing more effortless.

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In Final Cut Pro you can utilise a new function known as Live Drawing, which enables you to use your Apple Pencil to draw and write directly on top of your video content. Additionally, if you possess an iPad Pro that comes with an M2 chip, you can also use the hover feature of the Apple Pencil to preview footage without physically touching the screen.

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The addition of Final Cut Pro to the iPad enables Apple to go head-to-head with Davinci Resolve, a popular video editing tool, last year it launched an iPad-optimized app. The app is basically free to use but it offers a premium version of the app that you can buy for a one-time payment of $94.99.

The iPad version of the Logic Pro offers several touch-friendly features that enable you to utilize multi-touch gestures to play software instruments and manipulate controls. Furthermore, it includes a modern sound browser that employs dynamic filtering to help you explore a range of sounds, providing options for instrument patches, audio patches, plus-in presets, samples and loops.

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Apple is also unveiling Beat Breaker, a new plug-in for Logic Pro, it enables you to morph time and pitch, allowing you to reshape and shuffle sounds by using swipe and pinch gestures. The application also has Apple Pencil support, which provides you with the ability to draw detailed track automation.

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Both Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro will offer a one-month free trial. According to Apple, you can connect Magic Keyboard or Smart Keyboard Folio with the apps to access keyboard commands. Additionally, you can easily transfer Logic Pro projects between the Mac and iPad versions, as well as export songs to Final Cut Pro for iPad. You can also use Logic Pro on iPad to access projects created in GarageBand on iOS.

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