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How to know your Chrome version?

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Ever since it released, Google Chrome has been updated hundreds of times. While most of these updates brought bug fixes and incremental improvements to the browser, several also bring security patches that are important to keep your browsing experience secure.

Websites are becoming vulnerable to more and more sophisticated attacks each day. To protect its users from such kinds of malware and recurring threats, Chrome is updated every two to three weeks for minor releases. A major release is put out every six weeks.

For accessing the latest security updates, a person needs to keep their browser version up to date. Finding your browser version is the first step towards keeping your data safe, secure and not privy to attacks.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of finding out your Chrome version. It’s important to keep your browser updated as it helps you avoid surfing with any bugs that might harm your personal information, including login details.

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How to know the browser version in Chrome?

Chrome makes it fairly easy to check for your browser’s version. Adding on, version history can also be viewed if hunting for specifics. If you wish to view your Chrome browser version, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click the three-dots icon in the upper-right corner of your Chrome browser. Then select Help from the drop-down that appears.

How to know your Chrome version? | Candid.Technology

Step 2: Click About Google Chrome.

How to know your Chrome version? | Candid.Technology

Step 3: You will then be taken to a new tab which will have the version information.

How to know your Chrome version? | Candid.Technology

Google will also prompt you if your browser version isn’t updated. Selecting “Automatically update Chrome for all users,” will automatically keep the browser updated. Setting an automatic update will do it so every six weeks.

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Pooshan Singh

Pooshan Singh