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How to fix “ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE” in Google Chrome?

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As amazing and cohesive a browser Google Chrome is, it’s not immune to errors — no browser is. There are a million reasons why your browser might show an unrecognised error when you’re trying to visit your favourite websites. 

One such random error is ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE. Now there are a few reasons why this could show up on your browser including issues at the server end,  

So if you’re tried the usual fixes like restarting your router, clearing the cache and so on and the issue still isn’t resolved, here’s how you can get rid of ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE error on Google Chrome.

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5 ways to fix ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE on Chrome

Now there are five ways you can go about fixing this, which are listed below.

Restart your router

Power cycling your network equipment is the fix to more issues than you can think. More often than not connectivity issues can be caused by an underlying bug in your router and can be fixed by rebooting.

Clear the browser’s history

This one also falls in the generic troubleshooting list when it comes to issues regarding websites not opening, but it seems to work. Here’s how you can clear your browsing history in Chrome.

Step 1: Open Chrome and go to chrome://history. Then click on Clear browsing data. 

How to fix "ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE" in Google Chrome?

Step 2: Make sure the Hosted app-data option is selected and click Clear data. 

How to fix "ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE" in Google Chrome?

Now try accessing the site again. 

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Try resetting TCP/IP

In some cases, resetting the TCP/IP stack on your computer can help resolved unforeseen errors. To do so, follow these steps

Step 1: Press Windows Key + X or right-click on the Start button and click on Command Prompt (admin).

How to fix "ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE" in Google Chrome?

Step 2: Type in the following two commands after each other

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
How to fix "ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE" in Google Chrome?

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Clear the Chrome DNS cache

At times, a buggy DNS cache can redirect your browser to the wrong site and hence cause this error. You can try clearing Chrome’s DNS cache to see if the issue gets resolved. 

Step 1: Fire up Chrome and head over to chrome://net-internals/#dns

How to fix "ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE" in Google Chrome?

Step 2: Click on the Clear host cache button to clear out your DNS cache. 

How to fix "ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE" in Google Chrome?

Restart the browser and try to access the site you were having issues with again. 

Disable DNS Prediction

Just as a buggy DNS cache can confuse your browser, so can Chrome’s DNS Prediction services. While they work just fine usually, sometimes you might have an issue. 

Step 1: Fire up Chrome and head over to your Privacy and Security settings. You’ll find them at chrome://settings/privacy

Step 2: Under the Cookies and other site data section, find the setting that says Preload pages for faster browsing and searching and toggle it off. 

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