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Fix: This item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location

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Amazon is undoubtedly one of the most popular e-commerce websites worldwide, trusted by millions to deliver products to their doorsteps. While Amazon’s deliveries reach almost anywhere in the world, sometimes they too are unable to ship items to a certain location.

If you’re seeing the ‘This item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location’ error, it could be due to an issue with the delivery address or the size and weight of the package.

Here we’ve discussed why a certain item on Amazon can’t be shipped to your location and what you can do to workaround this issue.

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Why can’t the item be shipped to your address?

Here are a few reasons the product might not be getting delivered to your address.

  • The product’s dimensions exceed the shipping limits. The maximum allowed length and width is 108 inches, and the weight is 70lbs.
  • An oddly shaped package.
  • High-value package.
  • The product is restricted in the area.
  • The package contains hazardous materials such as Lithium batteries.
  • The delivery carrier doesn’t deliver to your address.
  • Warranty issues, manufacturer restrictions or government import/export requirements restrict the delivery.
  • Items that you’re shipping contain items that are restricted from export.
  • The seller doesn’t offer international shipping.
  • The seller doesn’t ship to your address due to the nature of the product (perishable, inflammable).
  • International shipping restrictions.

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4 workarounds to Amazon delivery issues

Here are four ways to ‘This item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location’ issue.

Ensure you’ve entered the correct address

Check the address widget on the top-left of the display, beside the Amazon logo. Ensure that the address is correct to get accurate delivery information on product pages.

Get it delivered to an Amazon Pickup location near you

Alternatively, you can get the package delivered to a nearby Amazon pickup location and pick it up from there once it’s delivered.

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Choose an alternative seller

If the issue is with the seller, another way around this Amazon delivery issue is to see if any other seller sells the same product and if they can deliver it to your address.

Choose an alternative delivery address

Lastly, if the package isn’t being sold by anyone else, or an alternate (friend/family) address is closer to an Amazon pickup point, you can try getting the product delivered to an alternative location.

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CT Editorial Team