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Former F1 champion Vettel chases down thieves using Apple’s Find My

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The 2022 Formula 1 season is ongoing, with the Spanish Grand Prix just wrapping up at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Barcelona on Sunday. However, Monday morning turned out to be yet another race for one of the drivers and four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel.

As reported by Spanish publication iPadizate, Vettel was cruising around Barcelona with his family and decided to visit a hotel. As soon as he got out of his Aston Martin in front of the hotel, a group of thieves took the opportunity to steal his backpack from the car and fled.

Instead of contacting the police right away, Vettel used an electric scooter to chase after them. The driver had left his AirPods in the backpack and used the Find My app to track the live location of the thieves to give chase. 

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Mossos d’Esquadra, a police unit of Catalonia, were alerted and joined the chase with Vettel, urging him to file a police complaint instead of chasing the thieves on his own. Vettel, however, insisted on the pursuit, being able to track down the thieves in real-time thanks to Apple’s Find My network. 

The chase ended when he found his AirPods dumped in a flower vase in the window of a store on a street in the La Barceloneta neighbourhood. The thieves must’ve figured out that Vettel was using his Airpods to track them in real-time and dumped them to lose the tail.

The police haven’t been able to track down the thieves yet. Other than the Airpods, the driver’s backpack included his driver’s license, passport and several credit cards, which were immediately cancelled. Vettel himself couldn’t see the thieves, but the hotel outside which the theft happened had security cameras in place. 

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Yadullah Abidi

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