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Top 5 fuel log apps for Android to keep a track of your travel expenses

In our modern day to day life, we all rack up miles/kilometres like it’s nobody’s business. Keeping track of your fuel consumption and maintenance can be cumbersome especially if you have multiple vehicles in your garage or if you’re a business owner with a vast fleet of vehicles.

And if you’re one of those people who don’t keep track you might want to reconsider as keeping track of your fuel expenses can make you a more conscious driver, especially if you have a heavy right foot (or wrist for that matter) and save some coin while you’re at it too.

I used to note down my ODO reading and calculate it with my bills to get an idea of how much fuel my vehicles are consuming. But once I started using a fuel log app things changed drastically. I was able to track my fuel usage across various refill cycles over a longer duration of time.

Long story short, I was able to cut-short my fuel consumption budget by 20 percent. Became safer and not to mention a greener driver, and also realised that some fuel stations offer better quality than others.

So, today I give you five fuel log applications for Android that you can use to keep track of your fuel expenses.

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Top 5 fuel log apps for Android to calculate your expenses

Price: Free(contains Ads)/In-app purchases

Drivvo is a fuel log manager which is robust and rich with features it helps you tracks your fuel and vehicle maintenance cost helps you to find the nearest and cheapest gas station (country specific function).

It also allows you to import and restore data from other fuel log apps too.

You can find Drivvo here.

Simply Auto

Top 5 fuel log apps for Android to calculate your expenses

Price: Free(contains Ads)/In-app purchases

Are you running a business where you need to track your business miles/kilometres? Simply Auto is the choice for you.

Simply Auto uses GPS to keep track of your trips and automatically sync with your other devices which can help you keep track of consumption over time in a beautiful visualisation, so you have one less thing to worry about when you’re behind the wheel.

You can find simply Auto here.

Everlance: Free Mileage Log

Top 5 fuel log apps for Android to calculate your expenses

Price: Free

If you often travel on business trips or if your a rideshare driver and would like to keep track of your miles Everlance is the way to go.

Everlance not only tracks your miles but also offers you the estimate of reimbursement value too. It also supports Freshbooks, so you can file your expenses effortlessly.

You can find Everlance: Free Mileage Log here.

Automatic GPS Vehicle Tracker for Business

Top 5 fuel log apps for Android to calculate your expenses

Price: Free/paid

Do you own and operate multiple vehicles for your fleet? Automatic GPS Vehicle Tracker is for you.

As the name suggests this application is developed primarily with business owners in mind, and it shows. It offers live location tracking exportable mileage logs for convenience and even provides a HUD speedometer for the driver.

You can find Automatic GPS Vehicle Tracker here.


Top 5 fuel log apps for Android to calculate your expenses

Price: Free

Last but not least comes my personal favourite, Fuelio. Fuelio is a no-frills fuel log to keep track of your vehicle’s expenses. It offers backup support on your Google drive, provides you with a simple interface which shows your vehicle’s fuel and maintenance expense in a basic timeline, graph, and charts. It also supports logging multiple vehicles for your convenience.

Hopefully, with the use of fuel logs, we trust that you will become a more conscious driver — consumption, cost and emission wise — and possibly save our planet a little bit too.

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