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Gemini to get a ‘Memory’ feature, letting it recall prior information

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Google’s AI-powered chatbot, Gemini, will soon introduce the ‘Memory’ feature to improve user experience and streamline information retrieval.

Google has equipped Gemini with Extensions that enable it to access real-time information from various Google apps such as Google Maps, YouTube, Workspace, and Google Hotels. However, one limitation users faced was the need to repeat themselves when revisiting a topic. This inconvenience is set to be addressed with the upcoming ‘Memory’ feature, reports Android Police.

Gemini’s ‘Memory’ feature will enable the chatbot to recall user preferences, interests, and information shared in prior interactions. This capability streamlines the user experience by eliminating the need for repetitive information, as Gemini can quickly retrieve relevant details from past conversations.

A leaked screenshot by @evowizz reveals how Gemini’s ‘Memory’ feature will contribute to its evolution over time, resulting in more personalised and beneficial responses. It’s worth noting that Google initiated work on this feature in September 2023, during Gemini’s previous iteration known as Bard.

OpenAI has already introduced this feature in ChatGPT Plus, except in Korea and Europe.

Alongside ‘Memory,’ Google is also working on the ‘Gems’ feature for Gemini, which allows users to customise the chatbot according to their specific needs. This customisation capability will enable users to create a highly personalised Gemini experience tailored to their requirements.

Early Gemini testers have reported being able to input up to 1M tokens directly into the chatbot, a significant improvement over previous restrictions. Additionally, leaked information suggests that users will soon be able to upload multiple documents simultaneously from Google Drive to Gemini, including PDFs, Word Files, and Google Docs.

This enhancement will streamline workflow processes for users who frequently analyse documents using Gemini.

These recent leaks surrounding Gemini indicate Google’s active efforts to enhance its AI chatbot with several new features. These include a dedicated stop button in Gemini’s mobile app, the ability to summarise lengthy emails in Gmail, ‘Live Prompts’ for Assistant automation, and more.

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