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Ghostwriter will now assist Ubisoft scriptwriters with game scripts

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Game publisher Ubisoft, famed for titles like Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed, announced that they’ll be leveraging the in-house AI tool, Ghostwriter, to assist scriptwriters with dialogues for games.

The AI assistant created by Ubisoft’s R&D team, La Forge, is aimed at helping scriptwriters create realistic non-player character (NPC) interactions quicker and focus their resources and time to polish narratives elsewhere.

“As games grow bigger in scope, writers are facing the ratcheting challenge of keeping NPCs individually interesting and realistic. Ghostwriter isn’t replacing the video game writer, but instead, alleviating one of the video game writer’s most laborious tasks: writing barks —  phrases or sounds made by NPCs during a triggered event,” Ubisoft announced on Wednesday.

Going through the video, it’s clear Ghostwriter isn’t an artificial intelligence tool but a machine learning tool, which will keep getting better over time with more inputs and engagement from Ubisoft’s team of writers.

Generative AI has been all the rage since OpenAI launched ChatGPT in November 2022 and it’s not surprising that a big company like Ubisoft wants to market one of its tools and ride the wave.

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CT Editorial Team

CT Editorial Team