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Goat vs StockX: 8 talking points

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Goat and StockX both have a beaming online marketplace with no offline presence. They stock up huge collections from various brands, offering their best styles and quality sneakers.

If you’re shopping for a trendy pair of sneakers or searching for comfort in your budget, Goat and StockX are the way to go; and here we’ve compared the two to make it easier for you to pick your winner.

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GOAT and StockX: Introduction

Here’s all that you need to know about these companies before making your decision.


Goat was founded in 2015 as a sneaker retailer website only. They were initially exclusively dealing in sneakers. However, over time they added a few more, but their primary market is still sneakers. They offer a variety of sneakers at affordable prices

One of the main reasons for the popularity of this brand is because you can buy as well as sell at the same time. Therefore, it has a collection of brand new and used sneakers.

The developers and stakeholders take preventive measures to secure their venture and only deal with sincere dealers. Also, no payment is collected from the buyers until the product is deemed satisfactory.


Founded in 2015, StockX also started out as a sneaker store. However, now it has a range of bags, watches, streetwear and videogames for a wider audience.

You can find a collection of luxury sneakers curated by known brands. You can expect to find exclusive offers on Air Jordan, Nike and Adidas, among many others. It is stable and has measured security standards to avoid fraud.

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GOAT vs StockXWhich is better?

Here we’ve compared Goat and Stockx on eight different parameters to help you choose the best.


Both Goat and StockX are available on the web and have Android and iOS apps.

Shopper’s security

Goat and StockX implement a verification process wherein the shoes are verified before they are shipped to the customers. This verification process protects the shoppers from scams but delays the shipping.

Since Goat allows the resellers to do business, they are committed to ensuring that a reusable pair of sneakers are good enough. Hence, the sneakers undergo a special verification process. Their main objective is to check whether the pair received is similar to what is mentioned, described and shown in the list.

Once they get the approval, they are packed for shipping to your doorsteps. Though this process is a little time-consuming, it keeps you on the safer side.

Ease of use

Goat offers a more user-friendly interface and navigating experience than StockX. You can directly buy or sell your sneakers from anywhere, and the process is simple to understand and easily implementable by beginners. Basically, its accessibility concept is similar to any other online store.

While StockX is a busy and confusing site in terms of accessibility. StockX app visualises the features like the stock exchange, such as price buttons and appearances.


Goat has a category of accessories and apparel it deals in now, but its prime focus remains on providing quality sneakers to the customers. The website diverts most attention to the latest and trendy sneakers yet to be launched in the general footwear markets and offline stores.

It sells both new and used sneakers. Therefore, the prices seem pretty reasonable. The services offered to the sneaker buyers might slightly disappoint the apparel and accessory audience, but they have enough options in these categories to amaze you.

Unlike Goat, StockX plans to expand its horizons and offers an extensive category and quality of products. And they continue to offer the rarest pairs of sneakers to the customers yet to be launched in offline stores.

Since they deal in selling new sneakers only, the prices remain pretty high. They are currently offering only good-quality sneakers and are not inclined to accommodate resellers who wish to sell used shoes on their website.

Price fluctuations

StockX offers to trade in sneakers as it allows you to review the current and the existing prices of a pair of sneakers. With the review feature in place, you can view the section and the price mentioned by the previous reviewers.

If the price is lower than the current price, you can skip the piece or wait until its price decreases.

Goat, however, has standard prices with minimal fluctuations to no fluctuations. The range is pre-decided as per the brand rates or is charged by the reseller as per the product’s condition after thorough verification.

Purchase process

The purchase process is quite different for both brands. While StockX allows you to buy the product instantly with a Shop Now option, it also offers to place a bid and negotiate the current price using the Place Bid option. Once you place the bid, depending on how much you buy, you may have to pay more as your ‘bid’ increases.

Goat doesn’t support the bid offers and facilitates your purchases directly. You can choose your product, order, pay, and it will get your shoes for you.

Once you place the order, both parties follow the authentication process to ensure footwear quality. If the shoes pass the verification, they can be shipped to the customer. However, if they fail the verification tests, someone cancels the order, and a money-back is guaranteed.

Furthermore, Goat accepts returns for a specified period, but StockX doesn’t.


StockX accepts payments in five different currencies, including USD, AUD, CAD, EUR and GBP. On the other hand, Goat accepts payments in USD only. You can transact on StockX using credit or debit cards and Paypal, whereas, on Goat, you can use also use Apple Pay and Google Pay, in addition to credit or debit cards and PayPal.

Besides, Goat is also compatible with Afterpay. For US residents, both companies offer flexible-payment options through Affirm. You can buy a pair of sneakers through Affirm and pay it off in 3, 6 or 12 months with interest charges.


Goat claims to deliver the products within 7-10 working days following confirmation. StockX products may take up to two weeks to reach you.

Goat charges $10 shipping charges within the US and between $30 to $40 internationally. StockX charges up to $13.95 delivery charges within the US and $30 to $40 internationally.

Furthermore, Goat has this feature called ‘Instant Delivery’, where the authenticated products pre-available at the warehouse are shipped directly to the buyer. Both the platforms offer order tracking.

GOAT vs StockX

Ease of PurchaseYesNo
Price FluctuationsNoYes
Shipping feasibilityYesNo
Availability of new and used shoesYesNo
Returns acceptedYesNo
Bidding featureNoYes
Product VersatilityNoYes
Compatibility with payment platformsYesYes

With the above comparisons, we hope you can choose the most suitable brand and the best values ​​and terms

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