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Google App Maker is shutting down in January 2021

Google App Maker, an application development tool that is a part of G Suite, will shut down on January 19, 2021, due to low usage.

Google has suspended active development for the App Maker, but the service will be maintained until it’s shut down. Starting April 15, 2020, users won’t be able to create new apps, but they will still be able to edit and deploy the apps that were created in the past.

The data stored on Cloud SQL will remain unaltered in the user’s Google Cloud Platform account. Those using App Maker apps in their domain will need to find alternatives by the time it shuts down. However, given the source code used for App Maker, direct migration of apps to another platform won’t be possible.

According to Google, businesses using App Maker to automate their processes can alternatively use AppSheet, which has similar capabilities to App Maker and supports Cloud SQL database. Developers can use App Engine to create and deploy Google Cloud Platform apps. It uses the existing Cloud SQL database that was created for App Maker. Users who employed App Maker to collect data can use Google Forms.

Google also recommends deleting the apps created using App Maker if they’re no longer in use. Users can export their data and then remove the app as well as the associated Cloud project.

“Your App Maker data belongs to your organisation. App Maker user data is stored in CloudSQL and will continue to be retained according to the policies established by your GCP account,” Google announced. ” Data composing the App Maker app itself is already exported from within the App Maker editor. This export functionality will continue to work until January 19, 2021.”

Admins of domains have been sent an email, which includes a CSV file with a list of the App Maker apps that are used in their organisation. The CSV contains the app name, creator name and last modified date for each app.

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