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Google Drive file size limits explained

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Google Drive is arguably the most popular cloud storage service since everyone who has a Gmail ID is basically using Drive to store anything from their emails to attachments and other files.

If you’re a regular Google Drive user or are thinking about shifting to the service, you might want to learn Google Drive file size limits, including limits for individual users per day total file upload limit and supported file sizes, among other restrictions.

If you’ve been using Gmail to send emails, you might’ve already seen that Gmail only allows direct attachments up to 25MB. If you want to attach any file larger than that, you need to upload it to Google Drive and then attach it, which will basically share the file with the recipient.

This article explains the Google Drive size limits for different files, the upload limit for a single file, and supported file sizes.

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Maximum Google Drive file size limits for individuals

  • The maximum file size for uploads on Google Drive is 5TB.
  • Individuals can upload up to 750GB of data each day — including uploads to My Drive and all shared drives.
  • Anyone who uploads a file size more than 750GB can’t make any more uploads on the same day.
  • Any uploads already in progress when the 750GB limit is reached will be completed.

Google Drive file size limits for different files

The following limits are not only applicable to Word, Excel and Powerpoint files converted to Docs, Spreadsheets or Slides but also the ones created.

FileMaximum SizeOther Information
Documents50MB1.02 million characters
Spreadsheets100MB10 million cells or 18,278 columns | Any cell with more than 50,000 characters is removed while converting from Excel to Sheets
Google SitesUp to 15,000,000 characters per page, 40,000,000 characters per site, 10,000 pages per site, 15,000 images per site

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Google Drive supported file types

The following file types can be stored and previewed in Google Drive.

Archive files.ZIP, .RAR, tar, gzip
Audio formatsMP3, MPEG, WAV, .ogg, .opus
Image files.JPEG, .PNG, .GIF, .BMP, .TIFF, .SVG
Markup/Code.CSS, .HTML, .PHP, .C, .CPP, .H, .HPP, .JS, .java, .py)
Text files.TXT
Video filesWebM, .MPEG4, .3GPP, .MOV, .AVI, .MPEGPS, .WMV, .FLV, .ogg
Adobe files.DXF, .AI, .PSD, .PDF, .EPS, .PS, .SVG, .TIFF, .TTF
Microsoft files.XLS, .XLSX, .PPT, .PPTX, .DOC,.DOCX, .XPS
Apple files.key, .numbers

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CT Editorial Team