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Google kills Glass Enterprise edition; support ends in September

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First introduced in 2015 to consumers as Google Glass and rebranded to support enterprises and developers in 2019, Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is another Google product to bite the dust.

The product’s website says that Google has stopped selling it but will continue supporting it till September 15, 2023, with the message, “Thank you for over a decade of innovation and partnership”.

Anyone that owns a piece of this $999 Google tech will still be able to use it after the support ends this September. However, they’ll have to rely on the existing software and hardware as Google has no plans to release software updates.

However, Google will continue providing the latest system images through OTA updates until at least April 1, 2024. Third parties will remain responsible for developing and maintaining their apps.

Google Glass website screenshot

Moreover, the pre-installed Meet on Glass app will also stop receiving support in September and the app may stop working at any time after that point.

The company says that they will continue to replace the devices “under existing process” until the end of support.

While Google Glass painted a breezy picture of the future of Augmented and Mixed reality, we haven’t reached those prospects yet and with the ongoing industrywide layoffs, it looks like Google is cleaning shop and shutting down products that aren’t fairing as well as others on their portfolio, most of which are software-based.

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