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Starlink offers a $200 per month global roaming plan

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SpaceX’s Starlink has offered a global roaming plan for customers who travel a lot, especially to locations where there are connectivity issues at a cost of $200 per month plan globally and a $150 per month regional plan.

This new service — Starlink Roam — promises unlimited high-speed, low-latency internet on an as-needed basis in countries where this service is available. The company began testing this new release last month when several customers received invitations to try out the Starlink RV — the predecessor to Starlink Roam.

Starlink Roam is available for land use within your continent or all across the globe. Users can check the availability on the Starlink Availability Map. If you want to sign up for the service, you will incur a one-time cost of $599 for the portable hardware whereas, for the in-motion hardware, customers will have to shed $2500.

The new Flat High-Performance Starlink hardware dish comes with a wide field of view and an enhanced GPS and thus, it can connect with many satellites to give seamless internet connectivity on the go. The hardware can be installed on your vehicle and is environment resilient. While the Standard Starlink is not made for in-motion use, Starlink Roam is designed for portability, with easy setup and breakdown options.

Customers can pause and un-pause the plan as per their convenience and are billed in one-month increments allowing a more customised service.

In October last year, SpaceX announced internet on planes which are to be rolled out in 2023. Starlink also has a $5000 per month plan for seafarers.

This announcement comes within a week after Amazon, through its Project Kupier, announced low-cost antennas to “communities unserved or underserved by traditional communications technologies”.

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