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Google Images will now feature licensing information

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Google Images will now feature licensing information

Google has announced that its Images search results will now also display the license information for images under a “licensable” badge, wherever that information has been provided by the publisher or image creator.

Google has collaborated with image creators, stock image providers and digital content associations to introduce this feature, which not only makes it easier to find images that can be licensed as well as how the license can be used for business or personal projects.

When a user clicks on the “licensable” badge on an image that appears in the Google Image search results, they’ll be able to view the license details as well as a link to where you can license or purchase the image, if it has been provided by the publisher.

Users will also be able to filter images based on licenses — Creative Commons or Commercial using the ‘Usage Rights’ dropdown menu on the toolbar of the Google Images search page.

Google Images will now feature licensing information

“With a seemingly infinite number of images online, finding the right image to use, and knowing how to use that image responsibly, isn’t always a simple task. We’re making it easier to find licensable images,” announced Francois Spies, Product Manager, Google Images. “These updates are part of changes we have made on Google Images in recent years to make it more clear who the creator or copyright holder of the image is.”

If the information is provided by the publishers, the users will also be able to see credit, copyright and creator information when they select an image that shows up on Google Images.

If you’re a publisher or a creator who wants to learn more about the license information, check out Google’s webmaster blog for more details.

The license update for Google Images builds upon their update from last month, which added Knowledge Graph data to image search results on mobile in USA.

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