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Google Pixel 9 lineup: Leaks, rumours and everything in between

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Google Pixel 8 Pro launched last year | Photo: Craig Russell /

The tech industry is rife with rumours about Google’s upcoming mobile phone lineup: the Pixel 9 series. Following the success of the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, which have garnered acclaim in the Android market, there is considerable excitement surrounding the potential features and improvements expected in the Pixel 9 series.

Here is a compilation of all the rumours and talks about the Google Pixel 9 series in the tech world.

Design diversity: Three distinct models

A notable change in the Pixel 9 series is the introduction of three distinct models: the standard Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, and Pixel 9 Pro XL.

In January 2024, MySmartPrice, in collaboration with Onleaks, showcased the Pixel 9 Pro XL renders. The pictures showed a flat display with a pin-hole camera. The standard Pixel 9 is expected to appeal to those who prefer compact smartphones with a 6.03-inch screen display.

Here’s what Android Authority said in December 2022: “The Pixel 9 series is set to expand. Alongside the regular Pixel 9 (no codename on this) and the Pixel 9 Pro (“komodo”), Google wants to launch a small version of the Pixel 9 Pro. At 6.3″ this model (codenamed “caiman”) would effectively be the size of the current Pixel 7, but with all of the extras that often leave users opting for the larger model. It’s yet another Apple-inspired move, as Google looks to chase the success of phones like the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.”

Pixel 9 Pro renders. | Source: 91Mobiles

In contrast, the Pixel 9 Pro and Pixel 9 Pro Xl will likely continue the tradition of premium features and larger displays. These models are expected to showcase sleek designs with slim bezels and advanced camera capabilities, appealing to users seeking high performance.

The Pixel 9 Pro is anticipated to be a news and powerful device in its own right. With dimensions similar to the standard Pixel 9, the Pro variant is expected to integrate premium features into a more compact form factor. Rumours hint at the inclusion of a telephoto sensor, enhancing the phone’s photography capabilities.

Renders of Pixel 9 Pro XL. | Source: MySmartPrice

The expected phone size of Pixel 9 Pro measures 52.8 x 71.9 x 8.5mm with a 6.2-inch.

The initial renders of the Pixel 9 Pro XL show a 6.7-inch screen. Other features, such as the triple-lens cutout and thickness, are similar to those of the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro.


The highly anticipated Tensor G4 chipset will power the Pixel 9 series. While specific details regarding performance enhancements remain undisclosed, industry experts expect significant improvements in processing power, AI capabilities, and energy efficiency.

Reports suggest that Samsung will manufacture Tensor G4, but it may not be available until 2025. It is expected to be featured in the Pixel 10 series.

Further specifications are not confirmed yet. However, there are rumours that all three Pixel 9 models will come with similar internal memory, unlike the Pixel 8 lineup, which features 12 GB RAM for the Pro model and only 8 GB for the standard.

Furthermore, including artificial intelligence (AI) in the upcoming Pixel 9 phones has also not been confirmed. As with Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel 8, Google may not include AI in all three models and will reserve it for the Pro and Pro XL ones. However, as the company is planning to launch Gemini Nano for Pixel 8 in June, one cannot be too sure about this.

All three models are expected to include the Qi2 wireless charging standard.


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The Pixel 9 series is set to debut with Android 15. The tech industry is still waiting for more information about the improvements the new Android will offer.

Reports also indicate that Pixel 9 can feature a Gemini-powred AI assistant, Pixie, that can work offline with Gemini Nano.

Pixel 9 model users will get assured seven years of operating system updates from Google.


Source: MySmartPrice

A notable upgrade in the Pixel 9 series is the addition of a telephoto lens, particularly in the Pixel 9 Pro model. The standard version may not include the telephoto lens.

This enhancement is expected to improve zoom capabilities and offer creative opportunities for photography enthusiasts. Although the company is working on new changes, it is still silent.

The Pixel 9 Pro also features a temperature sensor below the LED flash. The company first introduced this feature in the Pixel 8 Pro models, and it is set to return with the new lineup.

Modem and satellite connectivity

As reported by Android Authority, the Google Pixel 9 series will utilise a new Samsung modem 5400. While it may not be a Qualcomm modem, it promises speed, power efficiency and stability.

Moreover, the modem supports 3GPP Rel. 17, enabling 5G non-terrestrial networks (NTN) or satellite-based communication. T-Mobile, in collaboration with SpaceX, will initially provide this functionality.

Icon of the ‘Satellite Gateway’ application. | Source: Android Authority

An accompanying ‘Satellite Gateway’ app will facilitate communication with emergency services via an ‘Emergency SOS’ feature.

Additionally, Google plans to extend the functionality beyond the Pixel 9 series, indicating that satellite communication can be seen on the Pixel Fold devices.

Price and release date

While exact pricing details are yet to be confirmed, industry analysts project a price range between $650 and $700 for the standard Pixel 9, with the Pro models likely commanding higher prices.

The release date is anticipated to follow Google’s usual launch schedule. An official unveiling is expected in early October, and the product will be available in stores shortly thereafter.

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