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3 new updates announced for Google Voice web app

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Google Voice web app is being improved upon by the company with three new features that will make it easier for users to quickly find a contact, place calls and control audio settings.

After the update, users will see an always-visible call panel with one-click calling and also get quick access to mic and audio settings.

Google has already started rolling out these updates, which should be available globally in the next two weeks.

“It’s important for a telephony system to be quick and intuitive to use. These improvements will make it simpler to use Google Voice, so users spend less time navigating the product interface and more time communicating through it,” the company stated.

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Following are the three new updates announced for Google Voice web app.

  • Always visible call panel: Be it listening to voicemails, checking messages or anything else that you’re doing in the Google Voice app, the always visible call panel will stick to its guns and stay in the same place. This has been done to make it easier for users to place calls from everywhere in the app.
  • One-click calling: Google Voice web app users will also see a quick call option when hovering over a contact in their list — allowing them to make calls relatively quicker.
  • Access to mic and audio settings: The app has also been updated with a new icon in the primary action bar, which will give instant access to audio settings. These settings include microphone and audio output settings that can be changed either before or during the call. Users can also set what device should ring for incoming calls.

On Thursday, Google confirmed that one of its language reviewers leaked confidential Dutch audio data — violating the company’s data security policies. You can read more about it in our report here.

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