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Google Wallet rolls out to select Android users in India

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Google Wallet, a payment and storage app developed by Google, is now accessible to multiple accounts in India. While Google has not officially announced the app’s launch in India, several users have noticed its availability.

The country is currently using Google Pay as a go-to service for Unified Payment Interface (UPI) transfers. With the entry of Google Wallet, Google plans to keep both apps for Indian customers. This plan differs from other countries where the company discontinued Google Pay in favour of Google Wallet. With this strategy, Google acknowledges the diverse payment preferences among the users and ensures comprehensive service coverage.

Aside from Google Pay in India, Google Wallet focuses exclusively on facilitating contactless card payments, omitting UPI services. It specifically caters to smartphones with NFC capabilities, enhancing compatibility across a broad spectrum of NFC-enabled devices.

Several X users have also reported that Google Wallet can now be accessed through India’s official Play Store app.

Despite initial reports suggesting potential functionality through sideloading, the official presence of Google Wallet on the Play Store gives rest to previous rumours.

Qualified Android users can now access Google Wallet on the Play Store, enabling them to securely add their cards and digital passes. The app also simplifies the process by automatically importing passes from Gmail, streamlining the digital wallet experience. Additionally, users can enhance transaction security by enabling biometric authentication for every payment, ensuring a secure and convenient payment experience.

Google Pay is the second-most used UPI app in India, followed by PhonePe. However, with the recent introduction of Google Wallet, the company has further solidified its presence as a digital transfer and storage application provider. Nevertheless, the app is still inaccessible to most users, and the lack of any official statement from Google has led to many speculations, including a possible limited release or an early access program.

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