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What does GUC and VGUC mean?

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Various e-commerce sites or used goods sites use their own set of abbreviations that are common for folks who shop online. Keeping track of the growing list of abbreviations can be a headache however, we can try to tell you about the full forms of some of them. Knowing about particular buying and selling terms can be beneficial for you as you might know the real worth of a product better than most.

In this article, we will be focussing on figuring out the various abbreviations related to buying and selling as well as the meaning behind GUC and VGUC.

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Abbreviations undone

The meaning of various abbreviations with their full forms has been given in the table below. Before that, the meaning and full form of GUC and VGUC are given as follows:

  • GUC: Good Used Condition; This tag indicates that a piece of cloth or shoes might have some small damage or stains but otherwise the product is in good shape.
  • VGUC: Very Good Used Condition; The product will not have holes or stains but might show fading or weariness.
AbbreviationFull formMeaning
EUCExcellent Used ConditionThe product might be a little used but is in excellent condition without any wear or stains.
NIPNew In PackageThe product has not been opened and remains packed.
BTSBack To SchoolA marketing term that means new supplies and apparel are available for parents and students to purchase.
NWTNew With TagThe product is brand new, unused, and undamaged. It also has a tag that shows the original retail price of the product.
NWOTNew Without TagThe product is new and unused as well as unopened or undamaged however it does not have a tag which might have been removed or misplaced.
HSA Highly Sought AfterThe product is generating immense interest. It can be a seasonal collection from a brand with limited releases.
OBOOr Best OfferThe product can be sold for a specific amount or any price below that which might not result in a big loss for the seller. The price is bargainable.
ISOIn Search OfWhen someone in a community or public group tries to locate a product, they will place this abbreviation in the description to attract more attention.
OOTDOutfit Of The DaySome clothes, accessories, bags, and shoes which have been thrown together in one outfit are currently popular, in demand, and trend.
HTFHard To FindThe product may not be easily available due to low manufacturing rate or it might have been discontinued.
OOAKOne Of A KindThe product cannot be found elsewhere.
ORPOriginal Retail PriceThe product is brand new, unused, and undamaged, and also has a tag which shows the
Items with this designation are brand new, unused, unwashed, and undamaged; they must include the tag and may still have the item’s original retail packaging. 
COACertificate of AuthorityThis certificate is available with the product to ensure that the product is authentic.
LMKLet Me KnowYou might ask this on a forum or a group, if you want someone to provide you with some information.
EMBEmbroideredThe product has embroidery on it

Having a basic idea about the full forms of often-used marketing or buying and selling terms can help you understand if the product is worth the buck.

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