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How to hard refresh Chrome and other web browsers?

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Browser cache is used for saving static files while browsing the web and especially useful when reaccessing a webpage. Its primary function is to increase website performance. Modern web browsers cache every front end resource like JavaScript and CSS style sheets, but over time, these can be cause issues while browsing, especially with modified JavaScript and CSS style sheets.

A hard refresh is a way of clearing the web browser’s cache for a specific page to force it to load the most recent version of the page. Hard refresh has the ability to completely clearing the cache, which is necessary for the smooth functioning of the web browser, especially when dealing with old cached files.

If you’re facing an issue while browsing the web, clearing the cache is one of the easiest ways to fix the problem. Here we are going to learn how to hard refresh your web browser, which will also clear its cache.

Here is the list for web browsers and how to hit the hard refresh command to clear the unnecessary cache.

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How to hard refresh on Chrome, Firefox and Edge?

You can do a quick hard refresh on Chrome, Firefoz and Edge through either of the two key combinations listed below.

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How to hard refresh on Safari for Mac?

There is no direct key on Mac to initiate a hard refresh pm Safaro, but you can use the following shortcut to perform the function.

Press Command+ Option + E to empty the cache and then click on the Shift button and hit reload from the toolbar.

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Ishika Aggarwal

Ishika Aggarwal