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How do you know if someone blocked you on Discord?

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Discord is a social media platform that encourages you to form online communities and channels on various servers where you can talk, message, and share media. They offer a voice channel on every server where you can join your friends and vice-versa at any time without placing the effort of a call. You can also join random strangers to discuss various topics, study, watch movies, or play games together.

In this article, we will be focussing on how you can recognise if you have been blocked by someone to help clear any confusion and find signs.

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Blocked on Discord

If you fear that you have been blocked on Discord, then you can check this by carrying out the experiments given below on your Discord desktop app or mobile app. When you are blocked, additional signs include not receiving any new messages or updates from them, their online activity, and not being able to call them.

Send message

Since Discord does not inform you in any way if you have been blocked, signs are all that you have to rely on and confirm your suspicion. If a bot informs you that Discord is unable to deliver your message as you are not sharing the same server with the recipient or that they are accepting direct messages only, then there is a possibility that you may have been blocked. However, when you click on the link Discord provides, you can check the other possible reasons for this bot message.

Emoji reaction

When you try to react to their previous messages, then the interface might glitch or vibrate slightly and your reaction will be removed. The emoji will not be added and hence, will not be visible to either you or your contact. Had you not been blocked, you would have been able to react with emojis to their messages. This is a clear sign that your contact has blocked you.

Friend list

For another clear sign to check your blocked status, you can head to your friends list and click on All. Here you will be able to see all your friends on Discord. However, the person who has blocked you will no longer be present on this list.

Send request

As they are no longer your friend, you can check if they have only unfriended you or blocked you. This can be confirmed by sending them a friend request. Click on their username in your messages and on the dialog box that opens up, you will see a Send Friend Request button. Click on this button. If you are shown another dialog box that says Friend Request Failed, then it means your contact has blocked you.

Check bio

Not everyone writes a bio or updates their custom status every day in their User Info section. If your friend updated their custom status every day, then their User Info will appear empty after they have blocked you. However, since not many people update their custom status or write their bio, it is not a reliable sign of being blocked.

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Mutual servers

If you are on a shared server with the person who has blocked you, then you will be able to view their message and send messages on that shared server. However, you will not be able to react with an emoji to any of their messages, current and previous ones included.

Furthermore, the person who has blocked you will have a choice to view your message. Discord will show them that a blocked message has arrived on the mutual or shared server. It is up to them to view this message by clicking on Show message.

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