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How does blue light from gadgets affect you? Protective measures

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As our dependency on technology in our day to day life increases, some issues are bound to crop up, and these issues may be related to a person’s lack of growth or be health related.

This article talks about the blue light emitted by the displays on our electronics, their ill effects and steps on how to help our body against this.

Blue light, a part of the visible spectrum is a wave with a very short wavelength. It produces higher amounts of energy in comparison to some of the other colours and studies state that prolonged exposure to this wave can cause severe damage to your eyes.

As we know it, the blue light is present everywhere. Due to its short wavelength, it is scattered by the molecules present in the air very early on, which makes the sky appear blue.

Some familiar sources of blue light are:

  • The sun.
  • TV screens, computers, tablets and smartphones are some of the types of displays which emit blue light.
  • LED lighting.

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How does blue light affect us?

QLED vs OLED display: Which one should you purchase?As mentioned earlier in the article, this light wave is shorter than the others which makes it easier for it to flicker. The flickering can create a glare causing you to strain your eyes to be able to see sharp and clear images.

The flickering of this light wave can be said to be a reason for headaches. But not all is terrible and controlled exposure can have beneficial effects like improving your mood or increasing awareness.

Some significant issues caused due to blue light are mentioned below.

Digital eyestrain

A medical problem caused due to uncontrolled exposure of our eyes to blue light is what this is. It can affect a person’s ability to work and his/her productivity levels.

It has been said to have crossed carpal-tunnel syndrome as the worst computer-related medical issue.

Some of its symptoms are –

  • Blurry vision
  • Neck and back pain
  • Irritated eyes

Disruption of circadian rhythm

This issue takes place because exposure to blue light reduces the production of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone which regulates our sleep cycle, in turn, maintaining the circadian rhythm.

How to help your body against blue light exposure?

By reading this article, you might have an idea about some of the ill effects of blue light and are probably wondering about how to counter this.

Although not a perfect solution to the problem at hand you can use display tint changing software to reduce the emission of blue light.

With the shift to maintain one’s health, most companies have started including software solutions to tint smartphone or computer displays with an Amber tone. Apple calls this ‘Night Shift’ while most Android manufacturers ship this feature as ‘Night mode’.

If this feature is not available on your smartphone or computer you can follow the links given below and download any of the available software.

f.lux for Windows/Mac can be downloaded here.

Twilight for Android can be found on the Playstore here.

Another solution to this issue is to use a pair of glasses whose lenses have a blue light reflecting coating. These can be purchased without any prescription lenses.

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