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How long does a Switch take to charge?

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Nintendo is a popular gaming company around the world with legendary games and hardware under its approach, including its latest handheld console, the Nintendo Switch. The Switch is a powerful, media-oriented device that’s a breeze to use. However, just like everything tech, it also runs into problems from time to time.

In this article, we’re talking about how long your Switch takes to charge its battery. 

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Switch battery capacity explained

Based on what version of Nintendo Switch you’re using, your battery life and total capacity might vary. However, in our tests, it’s going to take you approximately three hours to fully charge the battery provided the console is off or in sleep mode. Of course, the charging time will vary if you’re actively using the console, as the ratio of the power draw and the power limits of the processors was quite different. 

Another thing that can affect charging times is the lifecycle of the Switch. Nintendo states that after around 800 charge cycles, the battery capacity drops down to about 80% of the original. This is normal and doesn’t indicate any issues with a game or console at all. 

When it comes to how long the battery lasts when you’re playing, that also depends as there have been numerous Switch models and versions so far. 

  • For Switch model number HAC-001 with the product serial number beginning with XAW, the battery life is around two and a half to six and a half hours. 
  • For Switch model number HAC-001(-01) with the product serial number beginning with XKW, the battery life is around four and a half to nine hours. 
  • For Switch OLED model HEG-001 with the product serial number beginning with XTW, the battery life is the same as four and a half to nine hours.
  • For Switch Lite, model number HDH-001, the battery life is around three to seven hours. 

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Yadullah Abidi

Yadullah Abidi

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