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How many profiles can you have on Hulu?

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Online streaming platforms have replaced cable TV to a great extent as an increasing number of people have access to the internet and find relatable media more accessible. Hulu is one of the most popular services that have picked up steam since the internet, competing with the likes of Disney, HBO, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Now while all of the aforementioned streaming services, including Hulu, boast tens of millions of paying subscribers, actually at least double or a few times more people stream videos on these platforms. But you might be wondering how that happens? Well, the answer is simple and these streaming platforms know it too.

People can create multiple individual profiles on Hulu, each of which has their own favourites, lists and recommendations — independent from the other or the owner’s profile.

Hulu also allows users to create multiple profiles to cater to different family members and here we’re going to talk about exactly how many profiles you can create on Hulu and how many people can stream titles concurrently.

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How many profiles can you create on Hulu?

Hulu allows its subscribers to create a total of six user profiles per account, which, as mentioned above, have their own favourites and recommendations.

However, only two people can watch a video on Hulu at once from a single account, which means that only two profiles can be active and streaming at the same time.

If you want to increase the number of allowed concurrent streams, check out our article linked below for more details, which explains how many people can watch Hulu or Hulu Live at once and also how to add unlimited concurrent streams to your subscription plan.

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