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How often should you post on Instagram?

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Instagram has some unpredictable algorithms when it comes to the reach of a post. It is very difficult to decide when and how often should one post so that they receive the maximum reach, impressions and engagement on the post. If not done correctly, there is a possibility that even after being a really good post, it might not meet your expectations in terms of likes and comments. In this article, we have provided the analysed time and frequency of uploading stories and posts so that you get the maximum reach and impressions and the upload meets your expectations.


The frequency of uploading a story shall be way more than that of uploading a post. If you have a business or a creator account, you would want almost all your followers to see your story, and therefore, you must check the audience insights and find out the times in the particular day during which, your followers are most active. You should put up a story almost every hour so that your followers can catch up with it and you receive a good number of story views.

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In case you have a private account, you shall prefer posting in the morning as most of the people will be able to see your post whenever they will use Instagram throughout the day. Frequency of posting does not matter in case of a private account but it is recommended to not upload more than one post per day. You should let your post reach almost all the followers before uploading another one.

In case of a business or a creator’s account, you should upload three to five posts per day depending upon the hikes in the graph of the ‘active time’ your followers spend using Instagram. The reason for uploading so many posts is that because of Instagram’s algorithms, you don’t get much reach on the posts. So, in order to reach almost all your followers every day, you must post more frequently so that at least every follower sees one of your post throughout the day.

Many times it has been observed that the accounts that are unable to catch up with the correct frequency often lose their followers as the followers find the account either annoying, in case you upload too many posts, or dysfunctional, in case you do not upload much content.

Do let us know in the comments whether your frequency of uploading content on Instagram gives you expected results or not. Also, tell us if you want more such tutorials on Instagram.

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Himanshu Nimje

Himanshu Nimje