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How to add a beneficiary in the SBI Yono app?

With everything online, banking and payment services are also made available online, allowing you to complete transactions without having the need to visit the bank’s branch via Internet Banking — any time, anywhere. To complete an online transaction, you’ll need to add the recipient to your account as a beneficiary. 

SBI provides its Internet Banking services through Yono mobile application. In this article, we’ve explained how you can add a beneficiary to the SBI Yono app. 

Before you begin, you need to have the name, account number and IFSC code of the recipient.

You can add up to three SBI and three other bank beneficiaries in a day. 

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Adding a beneficiary in SBI Yono app 

Open the SBI Yono app and follow the steps given below to add a beneficiary in your Yono app: 

How to add a beneficiary in the SBI Yono app?
  • Tap on Yono Pay
  • Tap on Bank Account. 
  • Tap on the Pay a new beneficiary button and enter your profile password and tap on the Submit button. 
  • If the beneficiary has an SBI account then tap on the SBI button. Else, if the beneficiary has some other bank’s account then tap on the Other bank
How to add a beneficiary in the SBI Yono app?
  • Provide the beneficiary details: Name, Account number, IFSC code, the maximum limit, and tap on Next
  • Select the bank details from which you want to transfer the money, type the amount which you want to transfer. Give a remark or comment and tap on the Pay button. 
  • Review the details you have entered and tap on Confirm
  • Type in the OTP that you receive on your registered phone number, and tap on the Confirm button. 

The beneficiary is added and the amount that you want to transfer will be transferred too.

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