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How to block a device from using your WiFi?

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How to block a device from using your WiFi?

Want to know why your internet works slow at times? It is often due to unknown sources that are connected to your WiFi network and eat up a part of the bandwidth. This happens because your network is unprotected or isn’t secure enough.

How to know if an unknown device is connected to your router?

  1. You can check it the old school way by disconnecting every device from your WiFi router and check the connected-devices light, if it still continues to blink, there is an unknown device connected to the router.
  2. You can log in to your router using its IP address and under connected devices, you can see the MAC address of every device connected. Match it with your devices and check if any unknown source is connected.
  3. You can download different WiFi monitoring applications on your smartphone or on your computer. Such applications have all features to block devices from an unknown source.

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How to block a device from your router?

How to block a device from using your WiFi?

  1. If a device from an unknown source is connected to your router, you can permanently ban such a device by logging in to your router and under MAC Filtering, add the MAC address of the device you want to ban from accessing your internet connection.
  2. Change the password of your router or change your router’s SSID (“Service Set Identifier” – the name of your wireless network).
  3. You can also hide your SSID under the router settings, which will permanently hide the ID of your router and henceforth can only be used with devices that connect manually.
  4. You can use third-party applications to prevent from unknown devices connecting to your router. They have different Parental Control and MAC Filtering features too.

Following any of the steps mentioned above will help you forbid freeloaders from connecting to your Wi-Fi network — protecting your network from phishers or network crackers.

You can also use a WPA2 PSK protected router and set a password that’s not an easy guess. Hiding your SSID can be a good solution from letting others know that you have a Wi-Fi network.

It is always advised to regularly check your list of connected devices to see if any unknown device is connected and is stealing your data.

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Rajiv Kulkarni

Rajiv Kulkarni