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How to book a Rapido bike?

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E-hailing is fast growing in the online mobility service market. Many new companies are driving into this market worldwide, making the competition more intense. And one such player in the game is Rapido bike taxi.

Founded in 2015, Rapido is an Indian-based bike taxi aggregator that changed the dynamics of travelling with Two-wheeler motor vehicles and has filled the gap left by ride-hailing companies like Ola and Uber.

It operates in over 100 cities and has brought faster, more comfortable, affordable conveyance options to its customers.

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How to book a Rapido bike?

Booking a ride with Rapido is straightforward and can be done in a jiffy. But if you are a new user, you are first required to register on the platform with a mobile number.

How to book a Rapido bike?
  • Open the Rapido bike app.
  • Then enter your mobile number to create an account on the platform.
  • A one-time password (OTP) will be sent to your number. It will auto-detect, or else you have to enter the OTP.
How to book a Rapido bike?
  • Once you have successfully set up your account, a screen appears that will locate your real-time location using GPS.
  • Then, click on the pickup location bar at the bottom of the map window to start a ride.
  • You can type the pickup location in the Search bar as shown in the picture above or Tap on to Select from Map option if the address typed can not be located by the app’s interface.
How to book a Rapido bike?
  • If you have picked the Select from Map option, you will be sent back to the Map window, where you can move the cursor to your desired location.
  • After selecting the desired location, tap the Select as Pickup button.
  • Then use the same process to enter your drop location.
How to book a Rapido bike?
  • As you confirm the drop location, you will instantly get your travel stats like en-route and estimated fare for the journey.
  • On the same prompt, you can choose to apply a Coupon Code for a discounted rate or select Payment Method.
How to book a Rapido bike?
  • It is always wise to confirm your mode of payment in advance, so the app’s interface only assigns you the driver that accepts the transaction method.
  • After completing the formalities, you will be returned to the travel stat prompt. Now click on the Book Bike button to reserve your ride.
  • You will instantly get confirmation of the driver’s details on your Rapido application.

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