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How to change your Reddit username?

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Your Reddit username serves as a representation of your online presence. It’s how other Redditors recognise you, and it can become synonymous with the comments and content you share. This username can become integral to your digital identity, influencing your interactions and contributions within the Reddit community.

In this article, we discussed whether you can change your Reddit username and, if you can, how you can change it.

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Can you change your Reddit username?

Changing your Reddit username depends on whether you created your Reddit account using an email address or the sign-in with Google or Apple option.

Changing your username is impossible if your Reddit account was registered using an email address. Your current username is permanently linked to your account, and any modifications are not supported. However, if you really want a new username, you can delete your current Reddit account and make a new one.

However, if you have created your Reddit account using the Sign in with Google or Apple options, the platform provides the option to modify your username. But you can change your username only once within 30 days of your account’s creation.

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How to change the username on Reddit?

If you have made your Reddit account using Sign in with Google or Apple options and it’s not been more than 30 days from the account creation date, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Sign in to your Reddit account; the change username box will appear below your current username every time you sign in. In the box, click on the Change Username button.

Step 2: Type your new username and click the Continue button.

Step 3: Confirm your username by clicking on the Save Username button.

Step 4: Your username will be changed.

This option is only available when you create a account on PC through sign in with Google or sign in with Apple as Reddit creates a username for you, so you get another chance to change your username. However, when you create account through email address or you create account on mobile phone it asks you to change your username while creating the account, once you choose a username that is your forever username.

If you can’t find the choice to change your username, it might mean you accidentally clicked on keep your current username option, or it’s been over 30 days since you made your account.

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