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How to charge Apple Watch without charger? 

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When it comes to smartwatches, the Apple watch is one of the most popular and perhaps one of the best options available. That said, it’s also restricted by the same thing that holds back just about every other smartwatch — battery life. These watches need to be constantly recharged and that can be quite the hassle, especially if you don’t have the watch’s charger with you.

In this article, we’re talking about how to charge your Apple Watch without its charger.

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Charging Apple watches without chargers

Unfortunately, if you don’t have the original charging puck that came with your watch, you don’t really have a lot of options to top up your Apple watch’s battery. However, in case you’re just missing a power adaptor, there are several things you can do to charge your watch. 

You can plug the charging puck into just about any USB power source (5V 1A) and it’ll be able to charge your watch. Keep in mind that charging speeds may vary between power sources, but as long as you’re getting five volts, the watch will be able to charge, albeit at a slower pace. Anything from USB power banks to solar chargers that output five volts will work.

There are third-party Apple watch chargers available. However, these are usually available as packages that can wirelessly charge your Apple watch, iPhone and Airpods all at the same time. This is an interesting approach as you get to replace all your cables and power adaptors with just one unified solution that can power up all your Apple devices at once, that too wirelessly. 

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