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How to delete screenshots on Mac?

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Photo: Farknot Architect /

Photo: Farknot Architect /

Screenshots are a useful way to capture anything on your screen, such as messages, memes, images and so on. But if you take too many screenshots, they can clutter the storage of your Mac computer or other devices you own. Moreover, they can sync with your iCloud account and use up your cloud storage.

One way to free up storage is to delete screenshots on your Mac. In this article, we’ll show you different methods to do so easily.

Deleting screenshots on Mac

If you want to delete a single screenshot on Mac, you can use any of two methods:

Using keyboard shortcut

Select the screenshot file on your desktop and press Command + Delete on your keyboard. This will move the screenshot to the Bin folder. Next, right-click on the Bin folder and select Empty Bin.

Or, you can use the Option + Command + Delete shortcut to delete the screenshot file permanently. This will save you time as you don’t have to empty the Bin after this step.

Deleting file manually

To delete the file manually, select the screenshot file and right-click on it. Choose Move to Bin from the menu that appears.

Next, you must empty the Bin folder by right-clicking on it and choosing Empty Bin.

You can use the above steps to either delete a single screenshot or multiple screenshots simultaneously. When deleting multiple screenshot files, make sure to select those screenshots that you want to delete by holding down the Command key and clicking on each of the screenshots.

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How to delete all screenshots on Mac?

If you want to delete all screenshots on Mac, you can use any of these methods:

Using Stacks feature

If you have macOS Mojave or later, you can use the Stacks feature to organise your desktop files by type.

To enable Stacks, right-click on a space on your desktop and select Use Stacks from the dropdown menu. This will group all your screenshots into one stack labelled Screenshots. To delete all screenshots, right-click on the Screenshots stack and choose Move to Bin from the menu that appears.

This will move all the screenshots to the Bin folder, where you can delete them at your convenience.

Using the Finder function

If you don’t have macOS Mojave or later or don’t want to use the Stacks function, you can use Finder to search for the screenshots you want to delete.

Open Finder and click on All My Files in the sidebar. Then type ‘screenshot’ in the search box at the top-right corner of the window to see all the files having screenshots in their name or content.

Press Command + A to select all the files, and then press Command + Delete or Command + Option + Delete to delete the files.

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