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How to Emphasize Crucial Textual Content on Foxit PDF Editor?

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When creating textual content, writers often have to emphasize important details. This helps to ensure that no important information is missed by the reader. It also makes text easier to read. However, many text creation tools do not include the right features for emphasis.

There are lots of applications for producing textual content with varying degrees of efficiency. But there are very few that provide features for emphasis. One of these is the Foxit PDF Editor.

Here are six key ways to emphasize crucial textual content with the Foxit PDF Editor.

What is Textual Emphasis?

The emphasis in writing refers to the process of making a word, phrase, sentence, or paragraph stand out from others. It is the technique by which you call attention to key information in writing. 

Foxit provides a variety of techniques to help writers achieve emphasis. These include:

  • The bold feature
  • Text size
  • Font type
  • Italicize
  • Space
  • HHighlighting
  • The Bold Feature

Emboldening text is an easy and effective way to achieve emphasis. It calls attention to the text and helps readers easily locate important information. This is an editing feature on the Foxit app.

Text Size

The Foxit PDF Editor allows you to choose different font sizes for your text. By increasing the font size of important texts such as headings and subheadings, you can achieve a hierarchy of information.

Font Type

You can also achieve emphasis with the use of strong font types such as Times New Roman, Tahoma etc. Special fonts will also give your document a unique look. 

However, your font choices are limited when creating documents for official purposes. Foxit gives you access to a variety of font types for texts.  You can access them through the Fonts tab on your PC or mobile app.


You can use the Italics feature to differentiate text in a document. Unlike the bold feature, Italics provides subtle yet effective emphasis. However, this option should be used for short text only such as words and phrases. The Foxit PDF Editor offers the Italics feature.


The use of space within texts is a creative way to add emphasis. Using space before and after important lines or paragraphs will help attract attention to them. You can utilize this when creating PDF documents on Foxit.

Highlighting Text

To achieve emphasis, you can highlight important text using different colors. Colors definitely draw the eye to text. It also makes the document more interesting to read. However, to maintain simplicity, you should avoid the use of too many colors in your text.

Other Features of Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF Editor also has other valuable features. These include:

  • Usable on all phone devices and PCs
  • Supports about 12 languages
  • Allows you to save, synchronize and access PDF files on cloud services
  • Allows you create, edit and protect PDF files
  • Easy to access and operate
  • Unlimited possibilities available on premium mode


Creating effective textual content goes beyond mere writing. Good writers/editors employ different formatting techniques to improve quality and achieve writing goals.

Textual emphasis, when done well, can transform a bland boring text to an engaging and interesting one. Foxit PDF Editor offers all the necessary tools to achieve this. 

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