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How to find Instagram lives?

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Instagram lives have emerged as a popular way for people to interact and share their experiences with the audience. Whether it’s your favourite sports personality, movie star, a long-time friend, or a new creator, Instagram Live has something for everyone.

In this article, we will discuss ways how to find Instagram lives and in the end, will also provide some helpful tips to enhance your Instagram Live experience. There are two quick ways using which you can find Instagram lives in an instant.

Finding Instagram Live of someone you follow

If someone that you are following is currently doing an Instagram live, then you will see a notification on the story list at the top with a ‘Live’ icon displayed and a colourful ring displayed around the profile picture. Also, you will see the ‘Live’ tab at the very beginning of the story list.

To see Instagram live, just open your Instagram account and then tap on that profile picture and you will start viewing the live broadcast.

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Finding Instagram lives of random people

However, if you want to watch a live Instagram broadcast of a person that you do not follow, it can be a bit tricky. For one, that particular person might not have opened their Instagram account for everyone to see or even if the Instagram account is open, they are not live broadcasting at the moment.

Also, Instagram live content is available only for a limited time and will disappear. So, it’s important to catch the stream while it’s happening. However, if that person has shared their live feed, then there is no problem and you can watch it from their profile.

Don’t be discouraged by this as north of two billion people use Instagram monthly and you will find someone doing Instagram Live, you will certainly find them.

On the Instagram app

Now, here are the steps to find the Instagram live of some random person:

  • Open the Instagram app and tap on the search icon located at the bottom panel.
  • Now, enter the name of the celebrity or a person that you think is currently live broadcasting.
  • Or, enter a hashtag of your choice and then tap on one of the several options that you see. For instance, in the screenshot, I have searched #music and you can see the options.
  • After you have selected a hashtag, you will see three options — Top, Recent and Reels. Go to any one of these and then tap on the picture to open that post.
  • Once you have opened the post, click on the profile name and check whether they are currently doing Instagram live. If not, follow the points again and pick another profile.

On Instagram’s website

If you are using Instagram on a website, then follow the steps given below to find a random Instagram live:

Step 1: Open Instagram and click on the Search icon located on the left panel.

Step 2: Now, enter the name of the person or the hashtag and then select an option from the list.

Step 3: Open the post and then click on the profile name to check their live Instagram broadcast.

Tips to enhance your Instagram live experience

Here are some tips that you could follow that will enhance your Instagram live experience:

  • Engage with the host: During an Instagram live stream, try to engage with the host by commenting and sending virtual gifts. Ask questions, make suggestions and answer any queries. This will help you feel more connected to the whole experience. However, try not to overdo it.
  • Use the full-screen options: To get the most out of your Instagram live experience, use the full-screen option to reduce unnecessary distractions.
  • Follow your favourite accounts: The more accounts you follow, the more chances emerge for you to catch a live Instagram stream.

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