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How to hide comments when watching Instagram live?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks right now. It has a slew of features that lets users interact with their followers in multiple ways, including allowing users to broadcast live on the platform.

In this article, we’re talking about how you can hide comments when going live yourself, or in case you’re watching someone else’s live video on Instagram.

You can watch the video below (in Hindi; in English above) or continue reading the article.

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Hiding comments when going live

While Instagram doesn’t allow you to hide comments when you’re live per se, you can disable (or enable) comments as and when you want. 

When you’re going live on Instagram, you can choose whether or not your users are allowed to comment in the first place. You can enable or disable commenting as you’re broadcasting.

How to hide comments when watching Instagram live?
  • Launch the Instagram app and swipe left to open the camera.
  • Tap on the Live button to go live.
  • Once you’re live, tap on the three vertical dots in the right side of the comment box.
  • Tap on Turn Off Commenting. 

After this, your viewers won’t have the option to comment on your live. They’ll also not see any comments that came before you toggled the setting.

You can always retrace the last two steps to enable commenting when you feel the need. 

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Hiding comments while watching a live broadcast 

Instagram previously allowed users to hide comments when watching other people’s live broadcasts, but the feature has been disabled.

There were extensions that you could use in Chrome(or Chrome-based browsers) that would let you watch Instagram live videos and have control over the comments but most if not all of them have been rendered useless since Instagram disabled the feature on the app itself. 

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