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How to get cleaving in Minecraft?

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Minecraft is a game that gives the player endless possibilities to create the best survival-adventure experience it can. The game has everything the player can ask for, including magical enchantments to improve their tools and weapons. 

In this article, we’re talking about a relatively rare Minecraft enchantment called Cleaving.

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What is Cleaving in Minecraft?

Cleaving is a rare Minecraft enchantment because it’s still in development. The enchantment isn’t available in the usual way like other enchantments. As of Minecraft version 1.18.2, the enchantment is still being developed and doesn’t quite have a release date for the Java or the Bedrock edition. 

How to get cleaving in Minecraft?

Cleaving works in two ways — it increases the overall damage of the enchanted axe (the enchantment can only be applied to axes) and improves the axe’s ability to stun a shield. Both the damage and the stun duration depend on the enchantment level, which can go as high as three. 

The enchantment adds one damage to an axe’s base damage per enchantment level. Striking a shield with an enchanted axe will stun the shield for 0.5 seconds (10 game ticks); once again, this will also increase per enchantment level. 

How to get Cleaving in Minecraft?

Since the enchantment hasn’t been released yet, you can’t find it in the game. To use it, you’re going to have to find the Combat Test Snapshot 6, which means it’s only in the Java Edition.

Snapshots aren’t available in the Java installer either, so you will have to head over to Reddit to download them. Once you’ve installed the test snapshot, you can apply the enchantment using an enchantment table.

You can download the Combat Test Snapshot 6 here

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