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How to get red sand in Minecraft?

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Getting the right kind of block for whatever it is that you’re building in Minecraft can be a problematic thing at times, especially considering if the blocks are in a completely different biome. 

In this article, we’re talking about Red Sand, its uses, where you can find it in the world, and the tools you need to mine it and bring it back to your base.

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Red Sand in Minecraft

Red Sand is a block found only in the badlands biome, previously called Mesa. The block is affected by gravity and obeys physics, much like the sand block found in the desert biome. 

How to get red sand in Minecraft?

Red Sand isn’t really used for any other purposes other than construction, but you can use it as an alternative to Sand when making TNT or combine four Red Sand blocks to make Red Sandstone. Apart from that, considering it’s a smooth texture block, you’d mostly use it for construction. 

When it comes to mining, Red Sand can be mined with any tool or by hand; however, a shovel is the fastest way you can collect the block, considering it’s loose. 

Finding Red Sand

As mentioned before, Red Sand is only found in the Badlands biome. The best way to find the Badlands biome is to look for other hot and dry biomes such as a Desert biome and keep exploring around until you find the Badlands. 

How to get red sand in Minecraft?
The Badlands biome

This can be time-consuming, especially if you’ve put your base down in the jungle or plains biomes. You can find other biomes by finding a river and following it until you reach another biome. Rivers in Minecraft often form boundaries between biomes meaning if you follow one long enough, you will come across another one. 

Alternatively, you can find and use an Elytra to fly around the world and find out where other biomes are. Once again, this will take some time, so be patient and keep looking. 

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