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How to know a website is safe?

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Fraudulent websites are becoming more realistic and cover various sectors: investment in cryptos or real estate, fake administrative sites, online games… It can sometimes be difficult to recognize these sites. Fortunately, there are some simple techniques to assess a site’s credibility and avoid being scammed.

Pay attention to the HTTPS protocol

Even if it is not enough, the presence of “HTTPS” at the URL’s beginning guarantees security — theoretically, the data transfer is secure. For example, one of the market leaders in DIY websites, Wix, automatically activates the HTTPS protocol.

Check spellings

The presence of spelling mistakes is common on scam sites and remains a good indicator of the site’s authenticity. 

Use Whois 

The Whois tool is a database of website domain names. It allows anyone to find the site’s owner and obtain information about its IP address. There are others, such as DomainBigdata. In any case,

Use a security checker

To quickly check the authenticity of a site or URL, use an impartial website security checker, such as Google Safe Browsing or VirusTotal, which have technologies that scan billions of URLs a day for unsafe websites.

To check the safety of a site, simply copy and paste the URL into the input field and press enter. This type of site will test the URL and tell you about the authenticity and reputation of the site, but also about the presence of malware, computer viruses or other security threats.

A secure website typically has a padlock icon to the left of the website’s URL in most browsers. Users can check the website’s details by clicking on the padlock icon and verifying the website details.

Get into the habit of doing this check before you enter any confidential data, such as your payment card details.

Online gaming sites

Many people like to play online games, including online casino in Canada for real money. For this site, apply the tips mentioned above and ensure that the casino is licensed. Do not hesitate to check online reviews left by players on sites not affiliated with the gaming site.

Before depositing money, be sure to read the terms and conditions for withdrawing your winnings and check that the site offers a variety of secure payment methods: credit card, Paypal, HiPay, etc. Also, if the site provides information on how your personal data is handled and that customer service can be easily contacted, you are on a safe and serious site.

Players must ensure that the URL appears at the top of the page with trust marks and security symbols, signifying that the site is safe, reliable, and authentic. These icons are only granted to a website once it has undergone a rigorous security feature assessment and had its validity confirmed.

Commercial site

Any site from a professional must display the legal notices. In particular, the surname, first name and address, the company name, postal address and telephone number. The general terms and conditions of sale must be clearly indicated: delivery costs and date, payment terms, after-sales service, etc. All these details must be checked before placing an order.

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