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Why you should DIY (Do It Yourself): 5 reasons why DIY is cool

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Ever wonder how easy life would have been if you had that one gadget to do that thing? Well then, welcome to the world of an inventor or a DIY enthusiast.

Inventors or makers, call them what you want, don’t look at the world like ordinary people. They look at the world, and they see problems that need to be solved. More importantly, they see solutions to those problems.

They use whatever technological expertise that they have, and they constantly keep on trying to fit that into a package, a gadget, which can solve that particular problem.

And while the process of inventing something is enjoyable, the real joy is seeing your invention solve those problems for people out there.

Watching their invention impact people’s lives is what drives any inventor or maker on the planet to spend countless hours to experiment and perfect their design.

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Life as a DIY enthusiast

Why you should DIY (Do It Yourself): life as a DIY enthusiast

Inside the head of a DIY person, the world is just a huge playground with lots of opportunities. As people who have an irresistible urge to make anything and everything on their own, they live life the adventurous way.

There’s not much fame or money in making things on your own (unless of course, you plan to start a business using your product). It’s not always economical either. It is the joy of making that you do it.

It is the process that’s uniquely addictive; you are always working, always learning, still blowing things up and making wonderful things in the process. Nothing is as satisfying as seeing your project work for the first time.

The hours spent in designing, debugging and fixing all the knick-knacks are all well worth that sight. Then there’s the excitement of the next version. To add something new, perhaps a design change and making it better than ever. It’s a never-ending journey to perfection.

Why should you DIY?

Why you should DIY (Do It Yourself): life as a DIY enthusiast

DIY is cool, and here’s why

  • It is personal to another level. It is built for you, by you.
  • You learn, even if your project doesn’t work out. DIY is almost always a great learning experience regardless of the fact that you’re doing it for the first time or the hundredth.
  • It changes your perspective. Once you’re in DIY you don’t look at the world and see problems. You see solutions and opportunities.
  • It can turn into a great business! Quite a lot of DIY people have started making money out of their creations. Depending on the application and feasibility of the project, you might be able to sell it to other people.
  • It looks impressive on your CV.  A software developer with woodworking skills? Now that’s impressive. In a world of increasing academic and professional competition, DIY can make your resume stand out.

So go forward and make awesomeness.

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Yadullah Abidi

Yadullah Abidi

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