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How to make sugar in Minecraft?

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Minecraft has a lot of different items the players can hunt for, dig or create to survive and explore the infinite in-game world. While you may be making weapons, tools and other items to survive and fight off mobs, food items are just as important.

In this article, we’re looking at how to make sugar in Minecraft.

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Sugar in Minecraft

Sugar is one of the many food items you can create in Minecraft. Apart from your consumption, you can feed sugar to horses, donkeys, and mules and use it to make a cake, pumpkin pie, fermented spider eye, and the potion of swiftness. 

There are two primary sources of sugar.

  • Sugarcanes: Found near water bodies and can be turned into sugar.
  • Honey: Found in Bee hives on Oak or Birch trees found in the Plains, Flower Forest and Sunflower Plains biomes.

Once you have either of these items, you can use your inventory crafting grid to make sugar out of them. Since crafting sugar doesn’t require a 3 x 3 crafting grid, it can be made in your personal crafting grid and on the crafting table. 

In your personal crafting grid:

How to make sugar in Minecraft?

In the crafting table:

How to make sugar in Minecraft?

Once the sugar is crafted, you can then move it back to your inventory and use it in either of the aforementioned ways. Sugar is also stackable, meaning you can stack up to 64 sugar in one inventory slot.

Additionally, if you’re playing in creative mode or have cheats enabled, you can give yourself sugar using the command below.

/give @p sugar [enter number of sugar]

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